Low Rate Loans

Why Choose Low Rate Loans?

If you are looking for low rate loans you may be new to understanding how loans work and all the definitions and aspects that go into getting the money that you need. Understanding how and what interests rates are can be immensely helpful when you’re trying to secure your first loan. To be sure that you’re prepared to apply for a loan means being sure that you are knowledgeable about interest rates work. The interest rate is the percentage of the principal that is charged by the lender who is allowing you to use their money. The principal is simply the amount of money that has been lent to you. This means that the bank pays you an interest rate on deposits. Banks will typically charge the borrower a little higher interest rate so that they can make a profit. Banks also compete with each other to find depositors and borrowers which means that the interest rates from bank to bank may be quite close to keep things on an even keel competitively.


To understand how interest rates work the bank applies an interest rate to the total unpaid amount of your credit card or loan. This means that every month you must pay at least the interest rate on that loan or line of credit. If you do not, that means your outstanding debt amount will rise even if you are making payments. Keep in mind that a bank will require higher interest rates if they think that there isn’t a likely chance that you will pay off the debt. They can also charge higher rates to clients they believe pose a risk. This is whether things like your credit score becomes vitally important. If your score is bad, the bank sees you as someone that isn’t a good risk. This means that your interest rate may be very high compared to someone that has a history of great credit.

Low Rate Loans

You can be given fixed rates or variable rates as well but it depends on whether the loan you are seeking is a credit card, mortgage or for an unpaid bill. Fixed rates mean that the rate will remain the same throughout the lifespan of your loan. This means that the initial money that you pay towards your loan will mostly be interest payments. As time move on you can pay a higher percentage towards the debt principal. It also means if you make extra payments it goes towards the principal which means you can pay your debt off sooner. Fixed rate loans are seen in most conventional mortgages, Variable rates change with the prime rate means that when the rate rises so does your payment on your loan. This means you will have to keep an eye on the prime rate but that just like fixed-rate loans, extra payments go towards paying off that principal.

Understanding interest and different types of loans means you can be better prepared to speak with a US Direct Lender today. We are a direct lending company that lends our own money. We underwrite our own loans which means we can move quickly to get your loan approved. Contact us today for a free consultation (626) 460-8900. NMLS:1826089

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