Fast, Reliable Direct Lending Company at Your Service

Fast, Reliable Direct Lending Company at Your Service

Facing bankruptcy and foreclosure can be genuinely terrifying. It can feel as if your entire life is falling apart. No matter how you try to dig yourself out of the hole, it may just seem like you’re sinking further and further in. We know what that’s like, and we’re here to help. Here at US Direct Lender, we help people to stay in their homes and to live the lives they want to live. In this blog, we’ll explain what our direct lending company can do for you, as well as how you can get started with us.

A Direct Lending Company for You

Not everyone has the credit score that they would like. Things happen, one decision doesn’t go your way, and suddenly your credit score is much lower than you would prefer. We understand. That’s why we work with folks with many different kinds of credit scores. In fact, depending on the program, we can work with several different types of credit scores. That way, we can help more people to reach their financial goals and live as they would like.

Loans we Offer

Everyone’s situation is different. What may be the perfect loan for you and yours wouldn’t be right for someone else. That’s why we aim to offer as many different loans as we can. That way, we can help the most people to get back on their feet and stay there. So, we offer refinance loans and high balance loans. On top of that, we also offer conventional loans and jumbo loans, too. Arm loans, conforming loans and even no doc loans are available. You can even get hard money loans, too. To be clear, these are just a few of the loans we offer (indeed, we probably should’ve saved room and just listed the loans we don’t offer). To get the complete list, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Fast, Reliable Direct Lending Company at Your Service1

Quicker Lending Decisions

When you’re facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, time is rarely your friend. Should you need money, you need it quickly. We know where you’re coming from. The last thing you need is the added stress of being unsure if you’re going to get a loan or not. That’s why we always make sure to give our customers fast, quick decisions. Usually, we let our customers know if they’ve been approved for a loan within 48 hours. In two days, you can know whether about your loan. That way, you can plan accordingly. On top of that, we can give you pre-approval in one day, too.

US Direct Lender Loans

While we give our customers quite a bit, we never give any servicing fees or hidden costs. We look at our customers like they’re family; we want you to succeed and thrive. Foreclosure and bankruptcy are scary. However, with the right lending company by your side, you can get through them. To start the process, give us a call at (626) 460-8900 or head to our site.

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