low doc home loan calculator

Effective Low Doc Home Loan Calculator

At our site, we have a low doc home loan calculator that we’re quite proud of. It can help you to figure out what kind of low doc loan you may qualify for. We understand that all these different kinds of loans and information may not be easy to understand. That’s why we have this calculator on our site so that even if you’ve never dealt with loans before, you can have an idea of what the numbers might be. It’s not 100% accurate, but it can give you a pretty good feel for it. We’ll go over how to use it as well as what our low doc loans can do for you.

Using our Low Doc Home Loan Calculator

If you can click on your computer, then you can use our calculator. Simply go to our home page, and search for the “loan calculator.” Depending on how large you’ve made the screen, it might be on the lower right. Then, determine what kind of purchase price you’re ready to go with. Your particular calculator may start at $100,000, but if you left click the circle and push left, you can start at a lower number, if applicable. Below that, you can figure out the interest rate, down payment, and term. Remember: it defaults to “years” as the measurement for the term so you may want to change it to months. If you’d like a PDF of the calculations, be sure to click that box, too.

low doc home loan calculator

Benefits of Low Doc Loans

These particular loans are perfect for people who may have made quite a bit of money since their last tax return and want to incorporate that into any future home loan. Other people who tend to benefits from these loans have enormous deductions that aren’t real expenses, which could harm them in a traditional loan setting. Many of our borrowers who use these loans simply don’t have the most up to date tax returns so these loans can be a genuine godsend. Others have an intricate company structure that makes getting a loan prohibitively difficult.

A Loan for the Self Employed

Many different kinds of people can benefit from these loans, but so many of our borrowers who get these loans are self-employed. As the modern workplace becomes more and more people who are self-employed and work for themselves, then these loans are perfect for helping them to lead the lives that they want to lead. More common than in the past, low doc loans have assisted quite a few people in getting the home that they want.

US Direct Lender

Just because you work for yourself, you shouldn’t be precluded from getting the home that you want. At our site, the calculator is the first step. There might be a better option for you past those loans. We can help you to find the right loan for your needs. Simply give us a call at (800) 591-3514 and we’ll figure out the best course for your financial future.

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