Fast Low Rate Lenders for the Road Ahead

U.S. Direct Lender 04/09/19

Getting a loan can be incredibly exciting. Instead of waiting around to go after what you want, or simply dreaming about it, the time is now. The opportunity is yours. However, finally getting that loan you’ve been dreaming of can be a bit intimidating, too. You want to make sure that this is the launching…

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Learn More About Reverse Mortgages

U.S. Direct Lender 03/25/19

A Reverse Mortgage is also known as a home equity conversion mortgage or HECM. Its a financial product for homeowners that are 62 years of age or older that have accumulated home equity and want to use it as a supplement for retirement income. Unlike your conventional mortgage, there aren’t the usual monthly mortgage payments….

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Reverse Mortgage Loans – Who Are They For?

U.S. Direct Lender 03/20/19

When it comes to mortgages, a big source of concern are monthly payments. With the looming threats of foreclosure and repossession in our minds, meeting the terms of the mortgage can be quite stressful. A reverse mortgage loan, however, does not involve regular payments, and it allows for the borrower to access the unburdened property…

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What is an Alt Doc Loan?

U.S. Direct Lender 03/15/19

Not all borrowers want to use (or can even use) their tax returns to help them qualify to get a loan. This is seen quite frequently in self-employed borrows who need to use alternative documentation that prove they have an ability to repay their loans. There are two forms of Alt Doc Loan which include…

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Are You Looking at No Tax Return Based Loans?

U.S. Direct Lender 02/28/19

If you are looking for a loan or mortgage but are self-employed or own your own business it can be hard or nearly impossible to get approved for traditional loans or mortgages when you don’t have employment verification or the correct documentation and tax returns. A no tax return based loan may be the answer…

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