No Tax Return Based Loans

Are You Looking at No Tax Return Based Loans?

If you are looking for a loan or mortgage but are self-employed or own your own business it can be hard or nearly impossible to get approved for traditional loans or mortgages when you don’t have employment verification or the correct documentation and tax returns. A no tax return based loan may be the answer to your problems and can provide you with the money or mortgage you need to move further in your career or personal life. No tax return based loans require minimal documentation. Unlike a traditional loan where you need to supply income verification. With a no tax return loan, the applicant will be subject to a credit check as well as an appraisal of their property. There is no requirement to prove your income or employment status which may make it easier for you to receive your loan or mortgage. However, you won’t have much luck if you have poor credit or if your property isn’t appraised to be worth much comparing to the loan amount you are trying to get .


A lender is not likely to take the risk of loaning to you if you have a history of poor credit. They also will require you to have a very large down payment, usually between 20 to 45 percent of the purchase price depending on your credit score. This is because you aren’t giving much information to go off of. It also means that the lender is likely to give you  higher interest rates than someone who goes through traditional lending route ,but you have to pay significant amount of money in taxes to be qualified for traditional loan. In the game of money loans, allowing someone to have your personal information can be more valuable to you than keeping it all a secret. However, self-employment and owning your own business shouldn’t deter you from home-owning or taking the next step in your career using  a loan. If you don’t know what the best route may be for you in terms of loans it may be best to get a consultation before moving forward with making any big financial decisions.

No Tax Return Based Loans

No tax return loans pose a risk to the lender and because of this you have to have a larger down payment and higher interest. These two factors aren’t the most ideal but may be the best answer for you. If you would like to learn more about whether a no tax return loan is an option for your financial future you can depend on US Direct Lender for a quick application process. We are a direct lending company which means we use our own money and underwrite our own loans. For you, this means our process for approval move much more quickly than a traditional lender. We also work with investors to fund many different loans including Full doc, No Doc and no tax return loans.

You can schedule a free consultation today by calling (626) 460-8900. Don’t allow yourself to miss out on a much-needed loan or new mortgage because you have an employment status that doesn’t meet the status quo! Nmls:1826089

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